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Jonathan Rampey PBS
Jonathan Rampey

Jonathan grew up in Mississippi. In 1998, he moved to Arkansas and started his career as a design engineer for a water pump company located in Conway. He credits many of his early career developments on a couple of key mentors that took the time and patience to help him develop his analytical and business skills. He says these mentors gave him the foundation needed to be successful. Jonathan believes in the importance of investing in and developing people, and this is his driving philosophy today. It’s also the key reason he chose to come to PBS, because this philosophy is at the core of what PBS is today.

As integrator, Jonathan is responsible for the general management and execution of the overall strategy of the business. He has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas, and he brings over two decades of experience in supply chain management, operations, and engineering. Jonathan enjoys travelling and spending time outdoors with his family.

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